Marc Brüg Watches in Faro
Marc Brüg Watches in Faro
Marc Brüg Watches in Faro

As Siberian freeze hit the greater part of Europe, the Marc Brüg team went on a trip to Faro, a city bathed in sunlight. Sadly, only for the weekend, but two full days are just enough to recharge the batteries, as our energy levels went down a bit after the Christmas time and the crazy New Year's Eve party, especially because the days had been short and cloudy.


We’ve been greeted by an incredibly bright sunshine and an amazingly empty city. But this is January, a not a typical time for longer vacations. But, obviously, good for us sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the London city life seeing no crowd in the streets was a good sign and finding a table at a good restaurant by the harbour was not a problem.



We mostly spent time wandering through the old part of the town and the fort, taking a break from time to time to get a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of fresh juice in one of the backstreets. And we have found ripe oranges too.



We had an early lunch at Bar Restaurante O Castelo, located on the walls of the fort, with a beautiful view of the pool, the port and the dykes. We couldn’t have missed a visit to the beach it unfortunately involved a taxi or a bus ride a few miles out of town, but a wonderful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean was really worth it. As connoisseurs of culinary experiences, after returning to the city we spent late afternoon at a typical Portuguese restaurant Dois Irmaos on the outskirts of the old town, gorging on delicious meats prepared in red wine.


We started the second day of our trip with a delicious croissant and a strong espresso in the café in the vicinity of the port, bathed in the Portuguese sun. There’s nothing like a bit of tan in January. Then, we went on a slow walk to the fort, where again we visited a café and spent a longer time there, drinking refreshing juice and admiring magnificent views.


Well, I should have probably put outstanding views first.


As our watches showed that time marched inexorably on and we were supposed to go back to London soon, we came back to the port for a quick lunch and from there we went to the airport, feeling that we leave Portugal full of energy, delighted with the South European sun and with a sense of fulfilment.

Tom Marc Brüg
Jan 18, 2017