Watches Suitable For Different Occasions
Watches Suitable For Different Occasions
Watches Suitable For Different Occasions

Watch is a regular element of our looks, both elegant and casual. While the latter offer us a much freer choice, in the case of elegant looks we need to be guided by several unchanging principles. Watch complements our style and perfectly corresponds with the whole look, thus playing an important role in it. It?s also considered a great gift idea, so it's worth getting to know the style of your partner before you decide to buy them such a gift. View our suggestions of watches for women and men suitable for different occasions.

Men?s watches: sporty style

For sporty men?s looks, you can choose thick straps of plastic with designer dial or digital display. You can also wear accessories, for instance a leather bracelet. They are also a perfect fit for casual looks, even if your friend does not like typical sporty style.

For an elegant man

Simple classic watches with large dials are the best match for elegant looks. Choose leather straps or classic, very simple, minimalist design. A watch should be visible, but it shouldn?t dominate the look. It?s the only jewellery which can be used in men?s business look.

Women?s watches: Where does casual end?

While in the case of men’s watch everything is very simple, in the case of female accessories it is all not so obvious. Women wear gold and silver watches both to elegant dresses at business meetings and to jeans and a shirt.
So how are we supposed to distinguish between casual and elegant models? The truth is that this distinction has no clear definition. However, in the case of elegant style you should be guided by professional simplicity. It will probably be hard to focus for a person you are talking to, if you?ve got a watch and five rattling charms bracelets on. Let?s leave such sets for a meeting with friends in a busy café. For women’s business looks it’s best to choose rather thin bracelets, not too many ornaments, stones or coloured dials. Unfortunately fine feathers make fine birds ? and colourful, extravagant accessories will definitely not have a positive impact on your professional image.
Watch is a jewellery item for every woman. It plays an extremely important role; it?s worn with different looks and helps us react to emerging trends.

Gold and Silver

Fall and winter do not have to be sad, and women’s watches can lighten up and spice up many different looks. This season a real hit are gold and silver Mesh watches. Worn with a traditional bracelet, they will become a real highlight of any look. They are perfectly suited to an elegant costume worn to work, but you can also wear them with a beautiful dress. A gold watch will also look great with typically casual everyday looks. You can put it on when going on a date, a meeting with a friend or a walk. Classic is extremely versatile and golden colour of this lady’s watch will certainly be a bright ray of sunshine, even on most gloomy autumn days.

Classic wristwatch

Lovers of classics should go for beautiful watches on leather straps. They do not have to be black. In autumn you should choose different shades of brown, which is a great match for both gold and silver cases, milk chocolate and warm hues, which complement the look and bring to mind only positive associations.

Tom Marc Brüg
Sep 14, 2016