4 Basic Rules On How To Wear Watches
4 Basic Rules On How To Wear Watches
4 Basic Rules On How To Wear Watches

In almost every fashion magazine, portal or website where watches are mentioned it is pointed out that this is the only "jewellery" a man should wear. So I will bring nothing new to this discussion, do not intend to refute any theories or pave new trends, as I totally agree with this principle. Note, however, that not all watches suit all types of clothing. If you wear formal attire and have only a sports version of a watch, it's better to leave it at home.

Left or right wrist? Generally accepted rules of wearing watches.

It is widely believed that you should wear a watch on your left wrist, and this is mainly because of practical reasons and not due to some rigid dress code rules. One of the reasons for wearing watches on your left wrist is the crown located on the right side of the case. Because it is more convenient to set the hands using your right hand (if you’re right-handed) when the crown is directed to the outside. Another reason for wearing a watch on your left wrist if you are right-handed are practical considerations. Taking handwritten notes, shaking hands, or using it for typical activities involving the efficient use of a hand ? all of that makes you wear a watch on your left hand. So, the main reason is convenience and good looks and thus your left wrist is reserved for a watch.

Marc Brüg Gent’s and Ladies’ Watches - Formal Style

Marc Brüg Gent’s Watches - Casual Style

Formal style

When choosing a watch to suit a dress pay attention to whether it is formal, casual or smart casual. When worn with an elegant set of clothes, it should be toned-down when it comes to design. A round case, either steel or yellow, a stylish dial and a leather strap in black or brown. At formal occasions, a watch should be an accessory in the literal sense of the word ? it is supposed to complement the look, and not play a leading role. The colour of a watch strap, your trousers and shoes should be the same, but may vary in terms of shades. The colour of the case should be similar to that of the cufflinks. Below there?s a well-matched set.

Marc Brüg Gent’s Lexington Watch

Casual, smart casual

Things are totally different when we?re talking about choosing a watch for casual or smart casual looks ? here you can adopt a more laid-back approach. A large shield and a strap in interesting colours and patterns. Of course, it should also be consistent with the remaining elements of your clothing. However, you do not have to stick to rigid rules that apply to formal attire.

Marc Brüg Gent’s Watch - Casual Style

Vary casual style

When it comes to a night out at a pub ? you?ve got a free hand here. A watch serves a practical function ? it should only show time, while less attention is paid to how it looks (of course, in this case the choice is yours as well).

Marc Brüg Gent’s Ladies’ Bali Watch On Nylon Strap

Marc Brüg Ladies’ Watch - Formal Cosy Style

To sum up, when choosing a watch to suit a smart dress, you should go for a minimalist design. Steel parts of a watch (case) must suit the steel elements of our clothing (belt buckle, cuflinks). Watch strap, trousers and shoes should be the same in colour, which will make your whole look consistent and stylish. In casual looks, you can do basically whatever you want and give free rein to your imagination. But remember that in this case you should also stick to good taste and consistency between all the elements of your clothing.

Tom Marc Brüg
Sep 14, 2016