About us

The Story


Inspired by travel, born in London, this classic watch brand is brought to you by a passionate husband and wife team. Our minimal watches are designed for people who travel light yet admire good style and taste. We believe that people make their own adventures, that’s why our collections appeal to those who seek new discoveries.
Minimal designs for a modern lifestyle In character, in manner, in style… we believe that true excellence lies in simplicity. Far from being plain, our watches are embraced by people who remain grounded in a busy, fast-moving world. The Marc Brüg brand is about discovering what matters and omitting everything that doesn’t. It’s about collecting positive experiences and sharing stories with interesting, inspiring people. With this mindset, we’re dedicated to designing contemporary timepieces that celebrate your individualism.

Versatile Looks For Every Occasion

Marc Brüg watches are bold enough to make a statement yet versatile enough to suit any occasion. Whether scaling mountains or relaxing on sandy beaches, our beautifully crafted accessories make the perfect travel companion. Whereas our unique white leather straps are a rare find in today’s modern watch collection, our classic NATO straps are reassuringly familiar. And because all of our straps are interchangeable, you have complete freedom to tailor your look to any moment.